Anthony DiBlasi's Newest Film Extremity Will Haunt You

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Anthony DiBlasi is a Director from Los Angeles best known for making horror Films. Anthony is always searching for locations that will give his audience the ‘fright of their lives’. The legendary Alberta Hospital in Edmonton fit the bill perfectly for his latest horror feature film. Extremity is the story of a young woman obsessed with horror who subjects herself to twelve hours of grueling torment in an attempt to confront her own fears and conquer the tragic past which haunts her. It stars Canadian actors Chad Rook, Dana Christina along with Calgary’s own Angel Berry and Paul Braaten and many more from Alberta. They shot for two days in Los Angeles as well. Dana plays Allison, a tormented young woman who believes she can heal her deeply-ingrained personal traumas and emotional wounds by participating in an extreme haunt called “Perdition.” But the resulting experience threatens to unleash horrible secrets from the darkest corners of her memory. That’s one key reason Anthony chose Edmonton’s Alberta Hospital to film in, DiBlasi says; “It's the scariest ready-made insane asylum set that I’ve ever seen. It’s straight out of the 1920’s. You couldn’t build a set like this. I get chills every time I close my eyes and picture it.”

We were fortunate enough to be able to come the last day of shooting to meet and interview Anthony! He was such a kind soul to us! We can't wait to see the film at the premiere in Los Angeles at the Chinese Theatre on Sept 17th!

Star Dana Christina on set.

Chad Rook and Paul Braaten on set.

Canadian Star Chad Rook by Chris Singer

Actor Paul Braaten by Andras Schram

Canadian Star Angel Berry on set

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