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Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Beauty Advice from Natalie Griffin, who is a certified Facial Rejuvenation Artist and has a nursing background and works at PHI Medical Aesthetics in Calgary. We wanted to know some of the choices for people who are thinking about getting beauty enhancements.

IHW: All artists know that looking your best for the camera is part of the job. Today with many medical advances, the stigma of having skin and beauty treatments is no longer something "not to talk about." What is your advice for people looking to maintain their look and who are thinking about having treatments done?

Natalie: The most important factor is to find an experienced doctor/injector who matches your style and you are comfortable with. Do your research and find a clinic that has staff who are qualified and experienced. You want someone who can not only safely inject Botox and filler, but who will place it properly so it has a natural look.

IHW: So if you have done your research and decided to have beauty and/or skin enhancements done, what do you recommend as the first treatment?

Natalie: That’s a great question. The first treatment can differ from person to person. No one ages the same. People have different genetics and unique facial structures. For example, some people get the forehead wrinkles done first. Others want to get rid of crows-feet lines first. This is where an informed consultation is so important. You should discuss where you need to start, your treatment plan, what it is you really want changed, and that your expectations are realistic.

IHW: Is having a treatment a one-time procedure or do you have to keep them up?

Natalie: Skin and beauty treatments are ongoing. It requires maintenance just like being on a diet, eating healthy, or going to the gym. Treatments can last about three or four months. There’s no such thing as a one-time magic pill, or injection to stop or reduce aging. I also strongly recommend you speak up and tell your doctor if you have questions or concerns. Often patients feel the doctors know best and they don’t have to confidence to say what is bothering them. Good communication is critical.

IHW: You have seen, analyzed, and helped hundreds of faces and bodies, both men and women all wanting to stay beautiful. So, what to you is ‘true beauty’?

Natalie: That’s a tough one. I would have to say it’s all about having confidence. It starts within you. When people come in and want treatments and are feeling poorly or badly about themselves, those are the wrong reasons to have work done. The real reason for treatments is preventative. You don’t want to be changing what you look like and end up looking unnatural. To me, I honestly believe everyone is beautiful, inside and out.

Certified Facial Rejuvenation Artist


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