CODY WELLS Alberta Indigenous Artist Says Film Saved His Life

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Cody Wells is a 6'5, Alberta Indigenous Filmmaker, Grip, Actor, and IATSE 212 Member

“I can honestly say that the film industry saved my life.” Having struggled with alcohol in the past, Cody found film in 2014. On the recommendation of Eugene Braverock (Wonder Woman), a local actor, Cody pursued and landed some acting and stunt roles for various productions, including Supernatural and Hell On Wheels. While he enjoyed the acting experience, he was able to witness the hard work of the grip team which immediately appealed to him. Right away, he knew this was a path he could pursue to success.

On set

“I like working with my hands – my people are kinesthetic. This kind of challenge takes me to the next level in a career I can actually do.” The reward Cody has found in this job goes far beyond financial success – it has given him the focus to step away from harm and an opportunity to give back to his community. Cody is now a team member with Noirfoot Narrative Labs and the Napi Film Collective (@the_napi_collective), mentoring new filmmakers. “I’m a Blackfoot man. When our civilization was at its peak it was about helping people around you – your tribe.

Noirfoot Narrative Labs crew

Noirfoot Narrative Labs crew recently

You are expected to always devote a part of yourself to the greater good. It’s a way to give back, not just with your hands but with the knowledge and training you’ve received.”

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