DAVID OULTON’ S Breakout Year

Calgary Star David Oulton, Trudie Lee Photography.

Actor David Oulton, 26, is on track for 2019 to be his breakout year. Bouncing between the big screen and the boardroom, the Guns of Purgatory star is juggling a thriving film career, a successful docuseries, the launch of a global charitable endeavour, and a luxury real estate career – and we got the details on everything!

In the fall, David and his family appeared on Shaw’s Spotlight series Choosing Happiness, where the notoriously private film star opened up about a difficult and hidden past, which ultimately led to his adoption. The show was a record breaker in terms of viewership, and reintroduced David to the public eye on a national scale. Fast forward to 2019, and the Hannah Montana alum is preparing for the release of two films and starring in another. The Black Mirror styled thriller Midnight Fever is expected to his streaming services later this summer, while From Hell With Love, a feature length adaptation of “Dante’s Inferno,” is making the festival rounds.

David with his beautiful Mother on set of his docuseries which he stars in now airing on Shaw TV

While the success of his real estate career is often highlighted on his Instagram account (@davidoulton), David is also set to star in the upcoming feature film Flight Path. Not much is known about the film currently, but it’s been reported that the film centers around a conspiracy theory at work aboard a small charter flight, and its unknown which, if any, of the characters make it to the end. David will lead an all-star cast in this film set for a 2020 release.

David with actress Valorie Hubbard holding being in I’m Here With Magazine in New York City this year.

In addition to his film endeavours, David is working hard at the launch of a charitable organization with his family as well. The aim of the foundation is to provide both financing and tailored mentorship to underprivileged youth and young adults around the globe who have a dream of launching their own business. Those selected will receive assistance with their startup costs, and be paired up with an established mentor in the same industry who can provide advice and guidance during. The mentors are successful businessmen and women with a proven track record, and ready to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

David was invited to meet Former USA President Barack Obama in Calgary recently. Trudie Lee Photography

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