A Passion and Zest for Life With Debra Drives

Story by Cara Azevedo and Photo by Rafal Wegiel

Debra has always set her sights high. This has been evident her entire life, as a young adult her first venture into post-secondary education was Aviation. Her quick mastery of the program lead her to continue gaining skills and tools that would broaden her horizons and lead her to open Gamma-Tech in 2002.

Gamma-Tech Inspection Ltd. is committed to providing excellence in Non-Destructive Testing. NDT is used to create imagery including; coring, concrete, ground penetrating radar, radiography, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant ultrasonic, ferrite-testing in various industries including oil field, aircraft, automotive, power plants, construction and concrete structures. Gamma-Tech Inspection Ltd. is certified in all aspects in the imaging industry from radiography to environmental excellence.

Most recently Debra has used the energy of her entrepreneurial spirit to invest her time and talents in Oro Services. Oro provides a safe money transfer process that is new and doesn't involve cumbersome big bank complexities. Oro is a secure way to provide quick financial transfers with more immediate access than traditional banking to family and friends. With Oro it is possible to build a network with the people and things that matter most to you. While Oro is still in development it hopes to begin trials in the very near future.

This past 7 or more years has seen Debra develop her philanthropic endeavors by bringing together all her worlds. Debra has supported both publicly and behind the scenes countless charities that have helped change the lives of many disadvantaged in socio-economics, mental health and physical health. By donating her time, her finances and enlisting others in the causes she chooses to support, Debra has raised tens of thousands of dollars over the years. Debra has a soft spot for children and the people that give their lives to supporting them. Charities are always pleased when Debra jumps on board; they understand the value and quality of class she brings to her involvement.

Debra has a passion and zest for life that can be seen in every project she takes on and can be seen in all of her past achievements. Debra continues to shoot for the stars with her current adventure; Debra's Drives. Here you can be a part of Debra's lifelong passion and journey with vehicles that include shenanigans with hot cars, traveling to exciting destinations and enjoying time with friends. These adventures allow Debra to tell the story of the many relationships with amazing places and people she meets along the way.

With all that Debra Ross has done and continues to do, it will be exciting to see what the future has in store for her.

You can find her on page 29 on shelves in Chapters and Indigo!

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