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Evelyne Nyairo is a Calgary engineering professional with over 15 years of experience in environmental management and planning for multinational companies. But what is most interesting and intriguing about Evelyne is her most recent project where she has ’engineered’ a new and unique line of beauty products with roots in Kenya. It was on a trip to Chad in 2011 that she became inspired by the clear, smooth, natural skin of Chadian women. While traveling the countryside she learned what it was that helped the women stay so young and healthy looking. The key was the use of Shea Butter, full of omega oils, antioxidants, and nutrients that nourish the skin. Returning to Calgary, Evelyne kept thinking about how she wanted to create an even better life for her daughter Ellie. It was then she thought about making and selling luxury skin care products using the knowledge and ingredients from Africa. So she started a company and named it after her daughter Ellie Bianca.

Today Evelyne has a line of luxury skin care products that she says; "Not only heals the skin but also heals the soul.” She started with manufacturing Shea butter lip balm, making sure it had special nutrients for protecting lips during cold Canadian winters. “I really created the products for me first to make sure they worked. Then I made sure they felt luxurious.” That was followed by a line of body and face oils that had a unique combination of 12 organic oils, blended with natural African an-ti-aging ingredients.

Evelyne’s extensive work experi-ence in Canada and Sub-Sahara Africa has given her the ability to be creative and recognize unique business op-portunities that help developing nations and promote environ-mental awareness. She most cer-tainly has created a successful example that’s very close to her heart.

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