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Storytelling, Conversation, Community & Tea drinking. The time is now.

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Teawithmike was founded by Michael Johnson in January 2019. Technology and the Internet have changed the way we live our lives. Believing in building real relationships and genuine connections The show has been created to remind us that there is still time in our daily lives for creating conversation, meeting new people and what better way to do it than over a good cup of tea.

Teawithmike sits down with people of all backgrounds and lets them tell their stories in an interview-style show. We keep the focus on storytelling and the unique things that people do rather and avoid negative and controversial topics because there’s so much of that already in the world.

So go ahead and explore the site. Don't forget to keep checking back for the latest updates and stories.

Michael Johnson is the holder of a Media and Professional Communications Diploma and a Theatre & Entertainment Production Diploma from Red Deer College, Alberta.

Michael is passionate about the brand and the digital world but knows the importance of keeping a balanced lifestyle. Away from Digital, Michael spends time playing board games (monopoly & scrabble), watching Manchester City Football Club play in the English Premier League & spending time with friends and family. With strong British roots, Michael's passion for tea and all things British is apparent in everything he does. A former Board member of the Red Deer Players Michael values the opportunity to give back whenever possible.

Early Life

Michael spent the first seventeen years of his life living in Northern England near Richmond, North Yorkshire surrounded by breathtaking scenery and a Georgian Theatre. In-School, Michael was known as the "chatterbox" and as someone who always brightened up, somebody's else day. Theatre and supporting Manchester City Football Club were strong interests and continue to be to this day.

Surrounded and inspired by likeminded people Michael regularly appeared in annual school productions including Sound of Music and Oliver. Joining the Georgian Theatre Royal Youth Group provided the opportunity to perform on a Georgian Theatre Stage inside a theatre that first opened in 1788. Aged seventeen, Michael moved to Canada with his family and started a brand new adventure.

Q: When did you first find your self realizing you wanted to host your own online live talk show?

A: I’ve always loved performing and talking to people so having my show was a natural fit. I always thought I’d be involved in other people's projects but never did I think it would evolve into the Tea With Mike show. The moment when I decided to go it was when I was working an event and these two children came to the window and without looking up from there screens asked me for the wifi password. Don’t get me wrong I’m an avid user of technology and a supporter of the digital world. However, I believe we still need to know how to hold a conversation and what better way to do than to sit down and learn about other people in a talk show format. Every person who tells their story is unique and that needs to be highlighted in a world full of negativity.

Q: What was your most favorite subject in school?

A: Being from England I enjoyed History, Information Communication Technology and the Performing Arts. England has a rich cultural and historical scene and growing up I enjoyed visiting some of these places like the historical theatres and old castles. Learning about where we came from is just as important as the present.

Q: Moving recently what has that done for you? What was the motivation to move to Edmonton?

A: Moving to Edmonton allows me to reignite my love for the Theatre. Some of the most memorable and adrenaline-filled moments in my life to date have been in the Theatre world. I’ve worked in the City professionally and like many other people appreciate the rich culture Edmonton has in terms of festivals and events in a range of different areas. The city is full of diversity and I want to be apart of a community that embraces that.

Q: What has been the most memorable interview you have done?

A: I don’t want to single any out particular interviews because every episode has moments that offer value and are memorable to the people watching the show. I can honestly say I learn something new every episode when I speak to the guests.

Q: What was growing up in Red Deer like?

A: Growing up in the City was okay and it helped me complete post-secondary along with providing some great learning moments through work opportunities. I spent seven years there so eventually to work towards my goals it was right to move to a city with more opportunity.

Q: How do you choose your interview clients?!

A: I’m pretty open to everyone being on the show as the show is about highlighting the positive things that people are doing in the world. At times as the show grows I might schedule people in certain ways to maximize the growth of the show but eventually, if you want to be on the show you’ll get an opportunity. All I ask if you appear on the show is to share your story when it’s published and to invite friends and family to watch the show by inviting them to my social media channels and website

Q: What do you see for Tea With Mike in 5 years?

A: For the show to still be growing weekly. I’m invested in the show for many years to come and I hope people will get behind something that is very relevant in the world we live in. The audience will experience an interactive website that will allow them to be more involved, the emergence of show merchandise to help fund the shows development and many more things that naturally happen as project development. Like everyone else I’m excited to see what happens.

Q: What’s your birth sign?

A: I’m a Virgo but I certainly don’t match all of the characteristics. You’ll have to watch the show to capture who I am.

Q: Where is your favorite place to eat?

A: Being from England there is nothing more satisfying to me than eating at a local pub with homemade food. I love food so I like to mix up what I eat. However, you can’t beat a full English breakfast, fish and chips, a good pie e.g. chicken with mash potatoes, gravy and vegetables on the side. Oh did I mention a traditional Christmas dinner!

Q: What is your favorite shows and movies?

A: I’m not a huge movie watcher and prefer to invest my time in creating content for other people to watch. I will say that I watch YouTube videos on motivational speakers and follow those who talk about my interests including social media, marketing, and brand. Thanks for letting me spend some time with you today Jill.

Q: Where can people find you in social media to approach to be on your show?

A: This will continue to develop as the show grows. Currently, you can find the show on the following platforms:





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