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Set against the stunning vistas of the Alberta Rocky Mountains, Heartland is a sprawling family drama that follows sisters Amy and Lou Fleming and their grandfather, Jack, through the highs and lows of life on a horse ranch.

By now, you have all seen the news about young Jack Bartlett, played by Shea Johnston coming up in Heartland season 13.  If you missed it, you can read all about it right here. What else has been going on this week in the world of Heartland? 

Heartland season 13 premiere was on September 22, don't miss the next episode Sundays on CBC.


Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Alisha Newton has been appearing in TV and film for over a decade and has been seen in well over 100 hours of prime time television. Her first big role came as a series regular for The Wyoming Story, an Amy Sherman-Palladino pilot for CW/Warner Bros. Immediately following she made an appearance on the hit series Supernatural. She subsequently played several leads in some challenging independent films before making her big-screen debut in Twentieth Century Fox's Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters starring Alexandra Daddario and Logan Lerman. Alisha is best known for her lead role as Georgie on the hit CBC television series, "Heartland", which is viewed in 119 countries worldwide. She joined the cast at the age of 10 and has grown up on screen.

A talent described as natural, intuitive and professional, Alisha is well respected for her strong and compelling performances and displays impressive vulnerability and range. She is intrigued by flawed and damaged characters and enjoys the intense challenges that these roles present. She has starred in a variety of diverse roles and has been acknowledged and honoured with several nominations and awards.


Ready for some more news about the upcoming season of Heartland?

This past June, the Heartland production took a trip to Mount Royal University in Calgary for some scenes from the 13th season. 

To learn more about the visit, take a look at this post on the Mount Royal website. 

So what could this mean for Georgie and her future plans? You'll have to watch the new season to find out.

That's all for this week -- but I will leave you with one more behind-the-scenes photo!


CBC’s successful, multi-generational family saga HEARTLAND marks a broadcasting milestone, celebrated its 200th episode in February.

Canada’s most popular family drama, HEARTLAND has remained a staple of CBC’s powerhouse Sunday night line-up for six seasons and boasts an actively engaged and ever-growing fan-base of viewers. Each week, audiences continue to tune in to follow their favourite characters, Amy (Amber Marshall), Ty (Graham Wardle), Jack (Shaun Johnston), Tim (Chris Potter), Lou (Michelle Morgan), Peter (Gabriel Hogan) and Georgie (Alisha Newton) as they band together to get through life in both happy and trying times.

The excitement, love, and drama continue in Season 13 of Heartland (10x60). As Amy (Amber Marshall) and Ty (Graham Wardle) continue to build their business together, the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship will test the strength of their marriage. The added pressures of building a new home, raising their young daughter, Lyndy (Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer), and keeping an eye on Luke (Lucian-River Chauhan), a young boy they are fostering, will also challenge the couple along the way. Georgie (Alisha Newton) returns from an elite equestrian training camp in Europe only to realize that things in Hudson are not as they were when she left - or perhaps she is the one who has changed.

We follow Georgie’s momentous life experiences, including high school graduation, as she grapples with what’s next for her in relation to competing, academics, and romance. When a dangerous storm heads towards Hudson, Jack (Shaun Johnston) is forced to face some tragic memories from his past.

He will also end up weighing some major decisions for his business and his future. Lou (Michelle Morgan) and Mitch (Kevin McGarry) make things official in their relationship, but soon realize that their career aspirations may not be as in sync as they had hoped. Tim (Chris Potter) sorts out what happens next after last season’s failed marriage proposal and it might include a new business venture.


Amber Marshall is known in many households for her portrayal of Amy Fleming on the long- running series, Heartland. Growing up in London, Ontario, Amber trained with The Original Kids Theatre Company and attended Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts.

When Amber was cast on the Canadian production, she moved to Alberta, where the series is based. After a number of years working hands-on with the creation of the show, Amber expanded her involvement in TV production, becoming a Consulting Producer.

Amber was honoured with the inaugural Fan Choice Award at the Canadian Screen Awards. She has displayed an incredible range and vulnerability in other television productions like Super Rupert, Dark Oracle, Doc, The Christmas Shoes, and Mutant World. Most notable is her strong performance as the title character in The Elizabeth Smart Story.


Wanting to be a veterinarian from a young age, Amber began working at a local vet clinic near her parents' home when she was 14-years-old. She has always been passionate about animals and has been riding horses since she was a toddler. Amber says that the two things she loves the most - acting and horses - have come together to create the dream role of Amy Fleming on Heartland.

Ever since Heartland's premiere thirteen years ago, Amber fit right in to the lifestyle of the West. She has since made a home with her husband, Shawn on a ranch outside of Calgary where they live and care for their horses and a variety of farm animals.


The British Columbia born actor has been involved in film and television from the age of six. Graham has completed three years of film school at Capilano University's Motion Picture and Production Program and continues to grow his passion for stories and mythology.

"All stories shape our world and the best stories give us back to the wonder inside us all."

Lucian-River Mirage Chauhan plays Luke Kashani


Heartland fans have been asking for a look into the Bartlett family's past for a long time and, it looks like that story is finally here.

Shea Johnston, seen in the above teaser photo with his father, Shaun Johnston, is set to play a young version of the iconic Jack Bartlett role in Heartland’s 13th season. What story is on the horizon that requires a glimpse into the character's past?  Will we see any other characters from his past in a flashback?

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Shaun defines his own work by his goals, and models his development as an actor after one of his favourite films, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Shaun says, “In demonstrating the codes of commitment and honour, this film inspires one to be, simply, a good man.”

Shaun was born and raised in Ponoka, Alberta, about an hour south of Edmonton, where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in the acclaimed Drama Program from the University of Alberta.

Johnston's first work as a professional was in Edmonton’s thriving theatre scene. It was there that he co-founded Shadow Theatre, which currently remains as one of Edmonton’s most successful theatre companies. In 1993, he played his first lead in a feature film as a loose-living biker in William Hornecker’s tragic drama, Two Brothers a Girl and a Gun. Shaun tells a story of how he cheerfully negotiated his way to shooting the Indie Film for a ‘rack’ of Budweiser, a t- shirt and a Buck Knife. “Best investment I ever made”, he states. That role won him the first of several Alberta Film & Television Awards for best actor and a long career. Numerous film and television roles followed in both Canada and the U.S. including X-Files, Jake and the Kid, Smallville, Traders, DaVinci’s Inquest, the Gemini Award winning Mayerthorpe and Emmy Award winning Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.

In 2007 Shaun took on the role of Jack Bartlett and received a Gemini nomination for his work on Heartland's first season.

An actor who incarnates a North American western archetype, Johnston would have been at home in Gary Cooper, John Wayne and Glenn Ford pictures of other eras. Reassuringly old school, his Jack Bartlett stands for home, honesty, and uncomplaining acceptance of whatever cards life hands him.

Off-screen, Johnston is an avid hockey player and guitar player. In his own words Shaun states, “Yeah, that’s true. But maybe we ought to replace the word ‘avid’ with the word ‘average’. Ha!” He’s an ardent Charitable Event Producer having raised funds and awareness for organizations such Big Brothers Big Sisters, Children’s Cottage Society and Autism Calgary. In 2011, Shaun was honoured to receive the David Billington Award, presented annually to an Albertan who has made an invaluable contribution to Alberta’s production community with their passion and dedication.


Actor and filmmaker Michelle Morgan is a second generation Canadian of Chilean decent.

Michelle has been featured in numerous television series and feature films, including Heartland, The Good Doctor, Supernatural, The L Word and Stargate Atlantis. She also played the leading role in George A. Romeros’ Diary for the Dead. In 2007, Michelle was tapped to play the starring role of Lou Fleming in Heartland, a dramatic series on CBC. Little did she know that Heartland would continue for 13 seasons, licensed in over 119 counties around the world.

Most recently, Michelle wrote, directed, and produced the short film, Mi Madre, My Father. In this provocative drama, she stars alongside international star Stephen Amell of Arrow. Michelle’s debut film has screened at festivals such as Hollyshorts, the Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival and garnered directing awards.

Michelle is a passionate advocate for women’s rights and has volunteered at women’s shelters across Canada for the past 15 years. She has served as the “I Am Courage” campaign ambassador for the Brenda Strafford Centre for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and the “My Homefront” campaign ambassador for Homefront, a Calgary-based nonprofit that serves victims of domestic abuse.

Michelle is a Mother of two and loves the outdoors. She can be found with her family surfing in Tofino, hiking, practicing yoga, and attempting to grow plants. Instagram @MichelleMorgan_


Chris Potter was born in Toronto and raised in London, Ontario, Canada. An early start in theatre and music ultimately led to his calling in film and television work.

An actor with great versatility, Chris has a flare for edgy roles. He has accumulated an impressive volume of credits in a 30 year career. He has starred in 7 successful TV series in addition to numerous TV guest appearances, television movies and feature films.

Chris is also an accomplished director and producer. Over the length of his career, Chris has become a recognized international actor and star to many loyal fans. He continues to donate his time, his support and commitment to numerous charities.

Chris and his wife Karen have also placed their family life and raising their four, now grown up, children as their top priority.


Jessica Steen was born and raised in Toronto. After starring in the series Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future and the feature Sing for Columbia Tri-Star, she was motivated to move to New York and then subsequently moved to Los Angeles in 1991 after a fill-in stint on an ABC series, to join the network's acclaimed post- WW2 series, Homefront.

Jessica moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico for the NBC series Earth 2, where she played Dr. Julia Heller. She then relocated to Los Angeles to film the features Trial & Error with Jeff Daniels, Michael Richards and Charlize Theron and Armageddon with Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler and Billy Bob Thornton. She has had recurring roles as Special Agent Paula Cassidy on NCIS and as Donna Sabine in 11 episodes of Flashpoint.

Fans of The Republic of Doyle will recognize her from her role as Sonja Sterling in that series.


Heartland's Amber Marshall was named the Parade Marshal of the Calgary Stampede for 2019, following in the footsteps of other famous women who have previously held the honour, such as Patsy Rogers, Jann Arden, and Catriona Le May Doan. The Calgary Stampede website has a full list of Parade Marshals from the past.

This year's theme is A Salute To Women in Western Culture. Amber Marshall, who plays Amy Fleming on CBC's popular series Heartland, has a passion for horses and ranch living, and is certainly representative of western culture in Canada in this respect.

We got a chance to connect with Amber and she shared her thoughts about the Calgary Stampede, growing up with horses, and Heartland...

BW: Have you been involved with the Calgary Stampede in the past? What was your first Stampede parade like? What is one of your favourite things about it?

AM: My first experience with the Calgary Stampede Parade was in 2007 when I first moved out to Alberta to film Heartland. I’ve been able to partake in the parade several times since then and have always enjoyed the excitement and western spirit. Riding my horses to interview the parade participants for the CBC Parade Broadcast has always been my favorite. I am right in the middle of all the action and get a close-up view of all of the entries. The costumes, the floats, the horses, it’s all amazing.

BW: How would you explain the significance of the Calgary Stampede to people outside of Calgary/Alberta?

AM: The Calgary stampede parade is legendary. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the west or not, Canadians from coast to coast tune in to watch. I remember as a child growing up in Ontario tuning into the broadcast. With close to 4000 participants and over 700 horses Calgary really sets the bar for a true western experience.

BW: Being from Ontario, do you see any differences in the culture of Ontario and Alberta? Similarities? Is there anything that stands out?

AM: It’s funny how Ontario has more horses in the province that Alberta does, but the horse culture is so much more accessible out west. Growing up I lived in the city of London Ontario, but I couldn’t get enough of horses. I boarded my horse north of the city and spent all of my free time there. After moving out west for Heartland, I’ve completely adopted the western way of life. I now live on 100 acres with my husband and our many animals, including six horses. All the things we love to do are so accessible. Riding our horses in the mountains, team roping at local jackpots, or just helping friends move cattle from grazing areas.                  

Graham Wardle and Amber Marshall in Snakes and Ladders (2019)

BW: Is there someone who represents western culture that you are particularly inspired by?

AM: I have made so many great friends since moving to Alberta over a decade ago. Most, are heavily involved in ranching and western living. My friend Kerilee runs 600 head of cattle and continues to inspire me with her hard work and dedication. I get out there as much as I can to help her with whatever I can. It is always a rewarding experience.

BW: You have been playing Amy Fleming on Heartland for more than 10 years. What parts of your personality have made it into Amy's or vice versa?

AM: I believe that over the years my character Amy has become more like myself and vice versa. The writers seem to gravitate to stories that of happened in my real life, and by living on a ranch in Alberta myself, I have intern adopted similar traits to my character. It makes what I do come easily and I love being able to bring a realism to the character.

BW: Recently, we asked Heartland fans what their favourite story is on the series.  Do you have a favourite Heartland story or episode?

AM: We have told so many great stories over the years. I think the stories I enjoy the most are the stories between Amy and her horse spartan. I love the connection between girl and horse and how much it has grown over the many seasons. The horse who plays Spartan is named Stormy and he has been playing the role since the first season. Rightfully so, him and I have formed quite the bond. I am very happy to say I will be riding Stormy in the Parade!


Heartland is produced by Dynamo Films and SEVEN24 Films in association with CBC with the financial participation of the Canada Media Fund, Government of Alberta-Alberta Media Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit and the Shaw Rocket Fund. Entertainment One (eOne) is the international distributor of the series.

Heartland is the longest running one-hour drama in Canadian television history; it is a multi-generational family drama that is much loved by fans of all ages, not only in Canada, but all around the world. Heartland has made its way into the hearts of families in more than 119 countries. Including its upcoming thirteenth season, Heartland has a whopping 214 one-hour episodes and a 2-hour Christmas movie.

Heartland is based on the bestselling series of books by Lauren Brooke. The executive producers are Michael Weinberg, Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, and Heather Conkie who also serves as the showrunner. The series is produced by Dean Bennett. The series writers are Mark Haroun, Ken Craw, and Alexandra  Clarke. The season’s directors are Ken Filewych, Pierre Tremblay, Megan Follows, Eleanore Lindo, Chris Potter, Kristin Lehman and Dean Bennett. For CBC, Sally Catto is General Manager, Programming; Trish Williams is Executive Director, Scripted Content; Helen Asimakis is Senior Director, Scripted Content; and Melanie Hadley is Executive in Charge of Production.

Q and A with stars Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle

by Blaine Schlechter

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