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How to Buy a Baby is a digital comedy series about a couple who can't have a baby the fun way. Winner of a Canadian Screen Award for best fiction web series and nominated for an International Emmy, season one is available on CBC Comedy and CBC Gem.

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The series stars Meghan Heffern (Chloe) and Marc Bendavid (Dark Matter).

It was directed by Adriana Maggs, written and created by Wendy Litner, and produced by Lauren Corber.

Thirty-something couple JANE and CHARLIE have long given up on having a baby the fun way. They have also given up on having a baby the medically invasive way too. But while they lack the genetic components to make a child, they refuse to give up on being parents together.

After many failed rounds of infertility treatments, season two of How to Buy a Baby finds Jane and Charlie in the throes of adoption, a process steeped in paperwork, parenting classes, home inspections and difficult decisions about just how far they are willing to go to become parents.

Darkly funny and achingly honest, season two of How to Buy a Baby will follow Jane and Charlie as they navigate adoption. The series will continue to provide a voyeuristic view of a marriage under pressure and prove that even the most difficult experiences, that challenge or very biology, can connect us to humanity and make us laugh.

LoCo Motion Picture’s award-winning digital comedy series, How to Buy a Baby, created and written by Wendy Litner, has been nominated for an Emmy award at the 46th International Emmy® Awards in the Short-Form Series category. How to Buy a Baby most recently collected two awards, including “Best Comedy Writing” and “Best Female Performance” at the International Academy of Web Television Awards in L.A in August 2018. 

LoCo Motion Pictures president and executive producer, Lauren Corber says: “Working with the show’s incredibly talented creator, Wendy Litner, we set out take a very funny look at a sensitive topic – infertility. This nomination is a huge recognition of an incredible efforts from our entire cast and crew. It also reinforces the generous support we received from our many great partners who believed in this project from day one, including the CBC, the Independent Production Fund, the Telus Fund, Rogers Telefund and the Government of Canada.

Photos courtesy of CBC

“I am overjoyed to celebrate our incredible cast and crew who helped make How To Buy a Baby. In particular our formidable executive producer Lauren Corber, director Molly McGlynn, leads Meghan Heffern and Marc Bendavid, editor Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, composer Aimee Bessada. While I couldn’t make a baby, I could make a series about the isolating struggle of infertility, and that has been a joy. I hope all the people pursuing alternative paths to parenthood know they are not alone and that their stories are important”, says Wendy Litner, executive producer and creator.

The first season of How to Buy a Baby launched on November 13th, 2017 on the CBC TV App and

In  HOW TO BUY A BABY, produced by LoCo Motion Pictures, 30-something couple Jane (Meghan Heffern) and Charlie (Marc Bendavid) have given up on making a baby the fun way. Diagnosed with infertility, they are resigned to needing invasive assistance if they are to become parents. They are determined to keep things fertili-fun, but what happens when so many people are involved in the intimate act of procreation? Can a marriage survive with the financial and emotional pressures of infertility? Darkly funny and achingly honest, HOW TO BUY A BABY follows a couple through a cycle of in vitro fertilization.

Wendy Litner

Wendy is a lawyer-turned-writer and creator of the CBC original digital series, HOW TO BUY A BABY - a comedy based on her own hilarious experience with infertility. 

The series has been nominated for a number of awards at L.A.’s HollyWeb, U.K. WebFest, Seoul WebFest, Copenhagen WebFest, T.O Webfest, among others. Wendy won best comedy writing at the International Academy of Web Television Awards (2018) and the series won best comedy at the Independent Series Awards (2018). She and the How to Buy a Team are currently hard at work on season two. 

Wendy Litner | Creator of How to Buy a Baby

Wendy’s personal essays have appeared in The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post, xoJane, Today’s Parent, and McSweeneys, among others. She worked as story coordinator on the first season of The Beaverton (Comedy Network) and was so excited to write for the show’s second season. Wendy served on the Advisory Board of Fertility Matters Canada, a national organization providing support, awareness, and education about infertility and continues to cultivate a strong online community of people struggling with fertility and family building issues.

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