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Ice Blue Cast with Director Sandi Somers at the Calgary International Film Festival 2017. On June 9th the film will be the opener for the Okotoks Film Festival!

We first heard about Ice Blue movie because we are major fans of Heartland's Star Michelle Morgan! When we saw the trailer we were in awe of how different a character she was playing!

Ice Blue was nominated for seven Rosie Awards and was in Theaters! They were nominated for, Best Dramatic Feature, Best Director, Best Screenwriter, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Sound Design and Best Original Music (of which Alec Harrison won). Also Director Sandi was recently awarded Outstanding Calgary Artist at the Mayor's Luncheon for the Arts.

The film was Directed by Sandi Somers, shot by Nick Thomas, produced by Scott Lepp and colored by Tyler Roth.

We fortunately have the cast picture of them at the Calgary Film Festival in our next issue!

Once again, Ice Blue’s Director Sandi Somers is in the spotlight, winning the Best of Calgary Best Filmmaker award! The Best of Calgary is a celebration of everything that makes Calgary great. Annually Calgary citizens nominate their favorite shops, restaurants, personalities, neighborhoods, professionals and more and then it is put to a public vote. 

Sandi Somers received the Best Feature Director Award for the film “Ice Blue” in 2017. As well as the Legacy Award, the Spirit of Helen Award and Dave Kelly Live Force of Nature Award. This woman is a mixture of energy, creativity and oomph all wrapped up into one dynamic fireball. — Best of Calgary

Ice Blue opened on May 4th, 2018 in Landmark Cinemas in the following markets: Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Kelowna, Kanata, Whitby. The film opened in New Westminster, BC on May 11th. 

When home-schooled Arielle's long-estranged mother mysteriously returns to their isolated family farm, it drives a wedge into her seemingly-perfect relationship with her father and reveals a chilling, dark past. - Tickets

Photo Credit: Chris Kreiger

Michelle Morgan, plays Maria in Ice Blue now playing at Landmark Cinemas. Maria is Arielle’s mother who left the family 10 years previous. She’s the spitting image of Arielle and upon her return, their love rekindles immediately. But, Maria holds the secrets to a very dark past and can’t help but relay them to Arielle, causing her to question all she thought to be true.

Instagram: @MichelleMorgan_

Twitter: @MichelleMorgan_

Photo by Liz Rosa

Michelle is the fourth of six children from a Chilean-Canadian family. She was born in Calgary and grew up moving between Toronto and Vancouver. She studied Theatre and Classical Literature at the University of Toronto. Her first professional acting job was playing a showgirl in the British farce "Shady Business".

Michelle starrs in the television series Heartland (2007) for CBC, based on the books by Lauren Brooke. Michelle plays the character Lou Flemming, the prodigal daughter who returns to Heartland from New York after her mother's death.

On the big screen, Michelle was in the lead role as Debra Moynihan in George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead (2007). The film mad it's debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Other notable television appearances included the character F.R.A.N on Stargate: Atlantis(2004) and guest starring roles on "Supernatural" (2015), "Package Deal" (2013) and The L Word (2004).

In Toronto, she has performed sketch comedy at the Laugh Sabbath alternative comedy nights and has collaborated with acclaimed comedians Chris Locke and Nathan Fielder on short film projects.

Michelle has a passion for all board sports, growing up snowboarding and later picking up surfing on her travels throughout South America, Hawaii and western Canada. She and her husband Derek are now teaching their two children, Mara and Noah, to surf as well.

Michelle has volunteered with women's shelters across Canada. She was the Campaign ambassador for the #IamCourage Campaign for the Brenda Strafford women's Shelter in Calgary in 2013, and for the #MyHomefront campaign for the non profit organization Homefront in 2015. By: Tanya Desjani

TARO PR - Photo credit: Chantelle Kolesnick

Billy MacLellan plays John in Ice Blue, John is Arielle’s father and a lifer on the farm. He’s known no other way and wants the same for his family. He’s hard-working and protective. When the farm faces dire circumstances and with Arielle slipping away, John turns back to his old demons and puts a strain on his seemingly-perfect relationship with Arielle.

Instagram: @Billy_Maclellan

Twitter: @BillyMaclellan

We first became Billy's fan watching him in Bomb Girls TV show and the film Maudie! Billy MacLellan was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. He is known for his work on Republic of Doyal, Flashpoint, Maudie (2016), Bellevue (2017), The Expanse (2015), Star Trek Discovery and Caught on CBC (2018).

Listen to a very cool interview done with two of the Stars of Ice Blue, Billy MacLellan and Michelle Morgan! The interview is done by our new reporter Kelly Hodgson from his Vodcast.

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