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The grand opening of MODA BELLA, a classy ladies clothing store, was a successful and exciting evening. It was a full house with many beautiful ladies of all ages attending. There was much enthusiasm for the amazing clothing lines represented in the elegant boutique. MODA BELLA (Portuguese for “Beautiful Style") was an inspiration of the amazing and talented Samira Abbas. Samira is of Lebanese descent and was raised in Brazil which is one of the largest fashion hubs in the world. Her father (who owned a ladies’/children's wear store and who had a strong fashion sense himself) along with living in Brazil had great influence over Samira’s own fashion sense.

Samira has enjoyed being a Calgarian for over 30 years. Her travels around the globe to places like Dubai, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt as well as her former life in Brazil has given her a wonderful view of fashion in the world. She recently realized that our multicultural city could benefit from a classic ladies boutique which features a stylish and affordable approach to a “Modest Fashion" line…a style which is sweeping the global fashion scene.

“Modest Fashion” is a fashion style based on the theory that “more is better”. It includes up-to-date modern clothing that conceals, can be a layered and can even sometimes give a looser silhouette instead of the former body form-fitting and revealing styles of previous decades in the fashion world. As Samira says, “Modest Fashion is not just about coverage, but it is also about feeling good about yourself.”

After visiting Turkey, Samira managed to enlist some amazing designers to help supply her store with some beautiful, elegant, quality clothes…and all at an exceptional price! MODA BELLA carries everything from unique stylish casual wear and office wear to stunning evening dresses….and can also do special orders of Couture designers. Soon Samira plans to include Bridal lines by appointment only.

MODA BELLA is located at 3725 Rundlehorn Drive NE. Friendly and welcoming Samira loves to see people and encourages you to just come have a coffee and browse. Please do take the time to visit this gem of a store! Chances are that you will find something to intrigue your fashion sense and you will not go home empty handed!

Ania Basak and Moda Bella owner Samira! Ania is Calgary’s and Polish celebrity who supported Moda Bella’s grand opening by being lovely host who also invited a lot of fabulous women to the event.

Moda Bella owner Samira and Ania Basak.

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