MORGAN LEBLANC Stars In Cor Values Nominated For Best Feature At The Alberta Film Awards

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Morgan LeBlanc by Matt James Photography created for I'm Here With. Styled by David of Supreme Men's Wear

Murder mystery film Cor Values has received multiple nominations for this year’s Alberta Film Awards, including for Best Dramatic Feature. Sunrise Records is having the cast do a signing for their DVD release in stores! Stay tuned for locations, dates and details to meet the cast!

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The Murder Mystery film Cor Values is Nominated for The (Rosie Awards) for (2019). Written and Directed by Brandon Rhiness and Gilbert Allan.  

While the story of Cor Values takes place in Idaho, the film itself was shot in several locations across Central Alberta including Red Deer and Lacombe. The film is nominated for Best Dramatic Feature by the Alberta Media Production Industries Association.

You can watch Cor Values which is available on Google Play, Vudu and Amazon Prime Video

Co-producer Dean Busch (of Red Deer’s Bubbadog Productions) and Director Gilbert Allen (Link to the Past Productions) are both thrilled to be representing at this year’s Rosie Awards Ceremony, taking place April 27th at the Edmonton Convention Centre. Cor Values has already won for Best Thriller at an Ottawa film festival. 

Cor Values stars Edmonton heartthrob Morgan LeBlanc and Erika Eleniak, of Baywatch fame. Cor Values tells the story of Cormac, a big city reporter who returns to his small hometown in the wake of his father’s passing. Cormac’s visit becomes turbulent when he reconnects with a former sweetheart, strikes up a new relationship, and becomes involved in solving a series of local murders. While the film hasn’t yet found a Canadian distributor, Cor Values is currently being streamed in seven other countries, including to American Amazon Prime customers. Cor Values is also available on DVD at Walmart and Target in the U.S. 

The partnership between Link to the Past Productions and Bubbadog Productions continues with the movie No Apology, which has just concluded filming in Beaumount. According to Busch, it is their intent to use as much Albertan and Canadian talent as possible in their projects.

Synopsis: The Murder Mystery film Cor Values is Nominated for The (Rosie Awards) for (2019). Written and Directed by Brandon Rhiness and Gilbert Allan

Cormac Dandridge returns from the big city to his small town home to settle his late father's estate. He is shocked to learn the sleepy village is in an uproar. The town wants an interstate on the outskirts but the inhabitants of the First Nations Reserve will not give up their sacred land. Cormac rekindles an old flame and discovers an exciting new one as well. A romantic triangle has no place when your life depends on solving multiple homicides and exposing the corruption that started it all. Cormac soon learns that there is more than meets the eye when he and his two loves go head to head with a legion of evil doers that no one believes even exist.

Morgan LeBlanc by Matt James Photography created for I'm Here With. Styled by David of Supreme Men's Wear

Cor Values stars Morgan LeBlanc, Telly James, Maria J. Parker, and Emily McCourt. Directed By Gilbert Allan, Written By Brandon Rhiness and Produced By Morgan LeBlanc, Gilbert Allan, Rob Chaulk, and Dean Busch.

We interviewed star and producer Morgan LeBlanc, one of the busiest actors in Edmonton. An Alberta-based producer, writer and actor, he is a triple threat who has given his whole being to the Arts. LeBlanc says he is grateful for the recent recognition, and plans to continue making a difference for his network.

Morgan LeBlanc by Matt James Photography created for I'm Here With. Styled by David of Supreme Men's Wear

Q and A with Edmonton's Rising Star of Cor Values and No Apology

How did the project come across your plate?

I technically went looking for it. I was frustrated with the lack of auditions that were coming up in Edmonton. So I gave Gil (Gilbert Allan) a call to express my frustration and he mentioned Cor Values. He said, if you help me produce it and make it come to life, then you can act in it.

What was the first experience you had in film that got you started, share your story of that?

My first experience in film was in high school in the Northwest Territories. We had a class project where we could use any form of media to express something. So myself and my best friend Andrew Wright (The Andrew Wright Band) set out to make a parody of the Mary Harron film American Psycho. Andrew played Patrick and we had a blast filming and acting and that's where I got addicted to being on set.

Morgan LeBlanc by Matt James Photography created for I'm Here With. Styled by David of Supreme Men's Wear

What have been your most memorable projects you have been a part of?

A couple of years ago I had the honor of playing THE Joker in a short called The Arkham Asylum Talent Show with Alpacalypse Productions! Any time you get the opportunity to play a larger than life character of such iconic magnitude, it’s a real pleasure. Obviously, there is pressure as everyone knows the character. There is also the added stress of coming out of the character. We only shot for a day or two, but it took me over a month to shake the anarchistic mindset needed to portray such a character. I still might harbor some today.

Still of Cor values with Morgan LeBlanc

What does your Character have go through in Cor Values?

Cormac is a tortured soul. He runs away from his abusive father and broken home to take solace in the city. When he returns home for the first time to report on a freeway, he is greeted by the girlfriend he left behind and some family. Cor is faced with everything he left behind as well as some new challenges as he starts to uncover the sleep towns secrets.

Cor Values on set , looks cold!

What can fans expect when they see the film?

Fans can expect to be gripped right away and curiously predict what is going on. They will feel the ominous town and the undertow pulling at the screen. They will feel the tension and urgency develop as they cheer for the female heroines.

Morgan LeBlanc by Matt James Photography. Styled by David of Supreme Men's Wear

What are the struggles doing your art?

Separately, acting is difficult because of the subjectiveness of the art. Producing is tough because there are so many potentials both positive and negative that can happen. Combining the two can be torturous. The struggles of being a producing actor are incredibly tough. I produce, project manage our films and act in them. This, for most people is incredibly challenging because it’s tough to separate those things and act. I have had to put out fires while the camera team is getting frame and speed then separate my producer brain from my actor brain and become another person.

The other struggle of acting is the lack of opportunities in Alberta, which is why I took to producing. Not only do I grant myself opportunities but other Alberta actors that feel exactly the same way.

Cor Values group shot

What is your advice to aspiring actors?

My advice to aspiring actors, (laughs) well that is a multilevel answer. Work on your craft. Build your inner monologue, and the story of your character. Make bold choices. Be patient, but never stop grinding and networking. Be humble, but always be grateful of compliments. Always be professional. Acting is a job, just like your part time job. Being late is unacceptable and potentially very expensive. Be prepared, but ensure yourself the work ethic to be flexible. While on set, remember that everyone that works on set may have their own projects they are developing. Be kind, no one wants to deal with a diva who thinks they are bigger than the people that are going to make them look their best. Embrace fear, it’s a powerful acting tool. Be vulnerable, it too is a powerful acting tool, but more importantly, the relationships you create on set can be the most raw and rewarding relationships that will last your lifetime.

Morgan LeBlanc by Matt James Photography. Styled by David Homer of Supreme Men's Wear, Calgary Library

Tell us your favorite things you like to do in your life?

I love playing hockey, goal-tending specifically. I write poetry as a form of therapy. I then turn my poems into song lyrics, so stay tuned as some music tracks may not be far away. I love helping people, with whatever it is they need. I love mathematics and how fascinating the relationship of numbers and probability is. One of my favorite things is the feeling of being in love. It is the most powerful emotion on the planet.

Lastly, I love creating. Using your abilities to create something completely unique is an amazing thing.

Morgan on set filming No Apology in March 2019 in Edmonton

What films were your favourite growing up which influenced you?

Oh my, people always ask what some of my favourite films are and I always have a hard time answering.

One of my childhood (under the age of 5) favourites, according to my mom, was The Little Mermaid. Yes, I know all the words to those songs!

Ghostbusters I & II influenced my comedy still to this day. I love Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd’s delivery.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is an incredible work of art and I absolutely love Jack Nicholson’s performance.

People have said I remind them of Jim Carrey when I am being goofy which is likely because I loved watching his incredible body control. Films like The Mask, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Liar Liar stood out to me while his zany zest overflowed.

Lastly, American Psycho. Which introduced me to Christian Bale, but also to the idea that a façade can be created in an incredibly serious manner while poking fun at the subtleties of obsession.

Stay tuned for more on his next upcoming film No Apology

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