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Updated: Jan 7, 2019

MR. D is based on the stand-up comedy act of Gerry Dee, who was a teacher for nine years before transitioning to a career in comedy. The series revolves around the eponymous Mr. D, an under-qualified and unmotivated teacher trying to fake his way through work – and life. 

Gerry Dee began his comedy career in a very different fashion. Born in Scarborough, Ontario the son of Scottish immigrant parents, Gerry spent 10 years as a high school phys-ed teacher before making his move to standup comedy in 1999. Since that time, Gerry has performed regularly all over Canada and the United States and in such far away places as Scotland, Dubai and South Africa. Gerry can also be seen weekly on the Score Network with his popular character Gerry Dee Sports Reporter Recently, in October of 2008, Gerry won Best Male Comic and Best Taped Live Performance at the Canadian Comedy Awards. Also, in June Gerry's one hour television special Gerry Dee - No Reading Ahead premiered on Comedy Central in the United States. Gerry currently lives in Toronto with his wife Heather and their daughters Aly and Faith. For more information visit his website.

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Gerry Dee stars as Mr. D

Gerry Duncan played by (Gerry Dee); After making it through his first year as a full time teacher at Xavier Academy only becoming entangled in a few minor disasters (in which he was mostly successful miraculously finding or falling into a solution), Gerry has gained more confidence which makes him less cautious in his dealings with other staff and students, with the exception of Principal Callaghan. He's found a good friend in Simon, who he appears to see as a sort of protégé, and has developed at least a minimal level of civility in his dealings with Robert, Trudy, Bobbi and Dwyer. His better students often see through his ruse of preparedness and knowledge in the subject matter during his classes, but things are mostly going okay for him. He still doesn't have to work very hard, getting by on his charm and his real-world craftiness, and is enjoying a fun social life. His curiosity, procrastination and elaborate lies will no doubt continue to get him involved in situations he probably could avoid altogether.

CBC announced that Gerry Deefresh from the series finale of Mr. D, will host CANADA'S NEW YEAR'S EVE: COUNTDOWN TO 2019 from Niagara Falls and check in on celebrations from cities across Canada. This year's all-Canadian lineup features select performances from artists including: Burton Cummings, The Sheepdogs and Walk off the Earth out of Niagara Falls, ON; The Jerry Cans in Iqaluit, NWT; The East Pointers, Hillsburn, Joel Plaskett Emergency and Reeny Smith in Charlottetown, PEI: Hubert Lenoir and Afrikana Soul Sister in Montreal, QC; Joey Stylez in Saskatoon, SK; The Reklaws in Canmore, AB: and Dehli 2 Dublin out of Grouse Mountain, BC. 

As previously announced, CANADA’S NEW YEAR’S EVE: COUNTDOWN TO 2019 will air Monday, December 31 at 11 p.m. (11:50 p.m. NT, 11:20 p.m. AT) on CBC and streaming on CBC Gem and globally on YouTube. For the full schedule of when and where to watch in your region, please visit

More characters from Mr. D.

Lisa Mason plays Teacher Lauren Hammersley

L-R, Naomi Snieckus plays gym Teacher Bobbi, Bette Macdonald plays Trudy Walsh, Kathleen Phillipsand plays Teacher Emma Terdie and Emma Hunter plays Teacher Nisha Mr. D.

L-R, Mark Little plays Simon the nerdy Teacher friends with Mr. D, Johnathan Torrens plays Vice Principle Robert Cheeley, Wes Williams plays the beloved Teacher Mr. Paul Dwyer, Darrin Rose plays handsome roommate of Mr. D and bartender Bill, Suresh John plays custodian Malik, Bill Wood plays Teacher Frank.

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Stream Episodes of Mr. D on CBC Gem

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