PETER SKAGEN Calgary's Star Who Gives Back From His Film Experience

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Calgary Star PETER SKAGEN shares Screen Acting Trade Secrets this Saturday, November 23rd


Audition Hell 2

Saturday, November 23rd, in Calgary, 10-6

ASH Studio - Evergreen Community Spaces

​LA audition technique Script analysis ​Line learning technique the pros use Camera skills Mock audition Final scene learning, prep and shoot ​Max 10 people

"Peter's classes are game-changing." Paul Weber - former head of casting MGM Television

189+gst No experience necessary.

BONUS: a free copy of the book

Peter Stein Skagen

Peter is a sought-after keynote speaker who uses the movie screen test as a metaphor to identify your immediate brand impression, or your 5-Second Sell.  He is also a working film and television actor with over 50 credits, author of the award-winning book Screen Acting Trade Secrets, the actor's guide for the 21st century, and has taught sold-out acting classes from NYC to to Vancouver for over 19 years.  He holds and MA in screenwriting from Cal State Northridge in Los Angeles, and studied with the top names in Hollywood.  


Award-winning author and actor, Peter Skagen, is giving a free keynote speech, and personal branding workshop based on the movie screen test, this Monday, October 2nd at The Commons in the old Ramsay Design Centre in East Calgary.  It's new, and especially potent in helping sales.   "It's a permanent training workshop for all our sales staff and senior management in North America." Says Craig Morash of Engineered Air. 



Peter Skagen is an actor and writer, known for Wynonna Earp (2016), Snap! (2011) and The Service (2009).


Jonesin' (post-production) Jed 2019

Tin Star (TV Series) First Elder- The Unseen (2019) ... First Elder Paper Champions (TV Series) 2019 Project Blue Book (TV Series) Sheriff- The Lubbock Lights (2019) ... Sheriff 2019

Heartland (TV Series) Dean Woodley- Hearts Run Free (2019) ... Dean Woodley

Circle of Steel Ian, 2017

Dead Again in Tombstone (Video) Cravens, 2017

Fargo (TV Series) Detective- Aporia (2017)

Wynonna Earp (TV Series) Shorty- Leavin' on Your Mind (2016) ... Shorty

Shoulda Swiped Left (TV Movie) Jon 2015

Young Drunk Punk (TV Series) World Weary Man- The Pilot (2015

Dark Hearts, Haunting Melissa, Love Me, Hell on Wheels (TV Series), Snap! (Short) Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe (TV Movie) Worst Department Store Santa Ever and more.

Aidan Gillen, Peter Skagen, and Michael Malarkey in Project Blue Book (2019)

Wynonna Earp (TV Series) as Shorty

Want to know all the secrets?

AuditionHell3 is happening this Saturday, October 5th, in the ASH studio at Evergreen Community Spaces, from 10 to 6.

You'll learn the LA cold reading technique, how to master under 5 line auditions, and you'll get basic set training and instruction so you know what to do when you book. PLUS lots of practice, and the secrets no casting director will tell you.

AuditionHell just hit a landmark 20 years in Calgary as the most recommended film and TV class available. I've taught across Canada, in LA and NYC, with so many great reviews I can't count them all. Here's one from Mayaam Schneider who went to the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York: "OMG where were you three years ago when I got here? I learned more in a day than in two years of school. And your book is fantastic. Fantastic book!"


What is The 5-Second Sell? A cutting-edge keynote speech on personal branding using the movie screen-test as a metaphor, with optional break-out sessions. 

"I didn't see the benefit at first, but now I do big time." - San Francisco What is your personal Sell? In business as well as in life, most major decisions are made in the first five seconds.   We show you what others believe about you and are willing to buy from you in those first 5 seconds—before you even say a word--so you are unstoppable at influencing decisions and getting maximum results.


7 reason why you need the book

1. Why do you need your corporate brand? It's your most valuable asset.  Your human capital is your second most valuable asset, and each one of those people has his or her own personal brand, which can be defined, optimized and aligned for greater overall success.  

2. Your people will know IN ADVANCE how others will respond to them, and are willing to buy from them literally and figuratively

3. Your investment in time and money is low, and learning is immediate.  

4. Again and again, our clients report real and lasting results as a consequence.

5. You will have a potent advantage over your competition.

6. Understanding the 5-Second Sell also helps you spot liars and inauthentic people inside and outside your organization.

7. It’s not a question of whether you need it; you already have it.  We help you understand it, optimize it, and manage it so it works for you, not against you.

"Permanent, mandatory course for all our sales staff." Craig Morash - National Sales Manager, EngA

About the book

"Bravo!"   Jane Jenkins, CSA (Princess Bride, Da Vinci Code, Jurassic Park)

"A Game-Changer." Paul Weber, CSA Weber Casting, former head of Casting, MGM Television

"Peter Skagen's book is as blunt as I am! I loved it! Tells the truth about what it's like to get through the process in this biz we call show. So many actors walk into this blank canvas and have to learn as they go and make some mistakes that follow them throughout their career. Reading this book, you can walk on your first set as a pro already knowing who's who, all the jargon, the curtsies, the dos and don'ts, so you can look and act like you were born to be there. I applaud Peter for such honesty about this very tough business." - Dori Zuckerman, CSA ​, and in paperback and e-book. Ingram for book retailers.  Also at Drama Books in NYC, and Biz Books in Vancouver.  Winner of the USA REBA Award for Arts and Entertainment, 2015 in California, and IndieFab Finalist Nationally.

Kenneth Locke Photography

How is your method new?

Brand gurus will give you many Top Ten lists on how to build your personal brand, but none of them will tell you how to identify it in the first place.  Why?  Because your brand is not something you invent.  It's what others believe about you.  The ultimate way to discover that is with a movie screen test.  Highly visible people, like movie actors, are massive global brands who are their own product.  So, they are personal brand experts.  

"Peter is a wonderful speaker with a great message to share." Vicki Duke - Mount Royal University/Outspoken Communications

Why the screen test?  

The camera is a magnifying glass, and the big screen helps the audience see you as a bigger than life character.  This makes it easier to know what they believe about you and are willing to buy from you, and we mean that literally.  Using the screen test, movies as a metaphor, and our experience in film casting we identify your personal 5-Second Sell -- the message you broadcast just by walking onto the screen or into the meeting.  It’s your foundation, and the basis of your personal brand and starting point of all your relationships.   We not only identify it for you, we let you and your team see it for yourselves.  Then we go further and tell you what others are willing to buy from you the second they meet you.  

"Good all round, with solid executable suggestions." - Cincinnatti


What’s a typical workshop like?

We introduce the concept of personal branding, then how celebrities manage their brands and why it works for them.  Then we demonstrate the whole process with a film actress from our team to break the ice and clarify the principles.  Working with a camera and big screen, we help you understand the impact her look and feel have on you, how they are related, how they can change and be focused for different situations.   To make it crystal clear, we’ll ask you to cast her – to decide what kinds of roles she’d be suited for -- because the roles you expect her to do in the movies will be similar to the ones you expect her to do in life.  Then we’ll get down to business, and ask questions like, “How trustworthy is this person?’; ‘What’s her reliability factor?’; ‘What would you buy from her?’;  ‘If you’d buy a car, what kind of car, and why?’;  ‘What’s her knows-what-she’s-talking-about factor?’;  ‘How does it change when she puts this jacket on?’ and so on, so you get a very clear understanding of her 5-Second Sell, how it’s determined, how it's focused, and how critical it is to know. Then it’s on to you.  We’ll shoot a few frames of video of you, put it up on screen and analyze it in the same way.   There’s no need to stand in front of the camera for more than a few seconds at a time.  We explain and facilitate the process, and give our experienced feedback, but feedback from the group is equally important in optimizing your results, and building success.  Then, it’s on to your personal appearance.   We consider how you can best focus your 5-Second Sell by what you wear and how you present.   Our movie actress is also a wardrobe stylist and makeup artist who gives her professional advice.  We will ask you to bring a variety of clothing items and accessories, such as glasses and ties, for the group to evaluate. Finally, we give you a few simple techniques to manage and broaden your brand. 






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