RIP James Allan Stickel

Photo by Steve Nagy

For those who don't know Chris Stickel he is Al Stickel's son and would like to tell us about the man who was his father. "My Dad was the kind of man who had a presence about him... he could say a million words in one look. He had the true need to help people and wanted nothing in return. My Dad was a Cowboy, so I was a Cowboy. He was a dedicated first responder Firefighter who saved 22 lives. So I was involved with search and rescue. He loved tinkering with cars and used to race, back in the day, and guess what- I became a mechanic and had my own race cars and hot rods. As you can tell I looked up to my father, and he influenced my life even with the space between us. I saw the compassion my Father had for people and I try to emulate his outlook on life and willingness to help. There were so many reasons to look up to him and aspire to be him. I used to hike and fish with my Dad and they are still my favourite hobbies and some of my fondest memories. When I go for a drive in Dad’s sweet car I can still feel him there and I know he's smiling, sitting right next to me. How we choose to live our lives is the legacy we leave behind. This is the truest measure of a person’s life, and I hope my Dad will be proud of the man and Father I have become. Until we meet again, I've got a big job ahead of me to fill those boots," shares Chris, from his heart. Allan was a talented actor in the later years of his life, he loved his friends and family with all his heart. He will forever be missed but never forgotten.

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