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Sponsored by Harley Davidson, Trev Deeley, shot in Squamish, Vancouver!

Fading Memories was her second music video, which is a gorgeous and classy music video shot in Calgary, Alberta, produced by LA's Gernado G Abrams. The video was filmed by New West Video's Sergey Abramov. Olga Sem of the Vizard Show, was the costume and mask maker with the support of dance choreographer Galina Busova. Echoman Studio in Vancouver mixed and mastered the song! Larry Kwon shot Zulie's photos for our 2017 cover! Zulie is an artist who is so appreciative of all who support her and are a part of her artistic projects. The late beloved Allan Stickel makes an appearance in the video, who she cast in Go Fish her Amazon Prime streamed show!

The Fading Memories music video has very inspiring and truthful lyrics as she always does with her projects, she loves to share messages about love and life to her fans! She sings in English and Arabic in her second produced music video and song! She always keeps to her Syrian and Brazilian roots as much as she can!

Zulie Alnahas, who has been writing scripts and performing in Arabic TV shows, landed in Canada from Syria. She has since set down her roots, created her production company Go Fish Ltd. She has produced a Comedy TV series, Go Fish, as well as a feature film and two songs for her debut album. Her ideas, productions, and many of her scene arrangements are comparable in quality to Hollywood movies created by well known directors and writers. This fact has resulted in earning 5 nominations and 2 awards for her Go Fish Comedy series. Recently Zulie is one of the stars of the theatre production ‘Vizard’, by Olga Sem, who costumed for her Fading memories video. Zulie’s original show Go Fish Comedy Series, which has won for best Cinematography at the LANFA awards September of 2015. ‘Go Fish’ is based loosely on events in her personal life, other people around her, and expresses it through the lens of humor. It’s a light-hearted look at achieving one’s goals and desires, no matter what problems may come your way.

Shot by Larry Kwon.

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