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Bill and Jacqueline by Kevin Stenhouse Photography

“My deep desire is to encourage, inspire, and build other people up. As a woman whose first love is her deep faith and then her husband and family, I truly believe that you are never too old or too young to encourage others to do something out of the box." - Jacqueline

Jacqueline shares, after being a stay at home mom, homeschooling our boys and seeing them into adult, I have now been experiencing a different kind of success in the entrepreneurial world.  My husband and I co-own our film/TV production company called TCF4 Productions ( which has produced such shows as Bolivia: Treasures Within, Wheel Sharks and are currently working on a preteen family friendly animation detective series. 

Q and A with Jacqueline by Blaine Schlechter

You are a very busy lady with lots of projects going on. Let’s chat about TCF4 Productions. Tell us about some of the things you do there?

TCF4 Productions was birthed out of a need…a necessity for our shows. We created the company a few years ago, my husband and I co-own it so you can call me President, you can call me COO, you can call me the receptionist, I do whatever needs to be done. The letters kind of messed people up and they ask “TCF4…I don’t know what that means?’ and it’s very simple. This company was created because my husband and I are very family friendly and very family oriented, so it’s simply named after our family – The Clements Family 4; it was 4 at that time but now our two sons are married. We just desire to be family friendly and that’s what we do. Our mission is ‘Purpose Directed. Life Inspired’ and all our endeavors line up with that statement. We have created a couple of tv shows, filmed music videos, help produce an outdoor festival called HOPE150 and a few other things of course. Making projects that are family friendly is at the core of who we are as a couple and a company. We always say “We work outside the box, that IS our box.”

Making projects that are family friendly is at the core of who we are as a couple and a company. We always say “We work outside the box, that IS our box.”

How did TCF4 became a reality?

I was taking an acting course, an apprentice course for acting, there were directors and a couple of producers in the program, and we were just talking about Indie projects. I flippantly said ‘hey…I should do a show on Bolivia.’ Bolivia…South Bolivia since South America is very much a part of our heritage and that’s where my husband was born and raised. It has deep roots in us. The producer and director said ‘yes, you should’ (laughs). I thought they would say ‘yah great…but let’s move on’. The company was birthed out of that. So we did a travel show called Bolivia: Treasures Within.

I’m happy to say it is on Amazon Prime in the States, the UK, Japan and it’s also on the digital platform. We just saw the stats for Amazon Prime, and it has been watched over 10,000 hours, which is incredible. All in just the last couple of months.

Congratulations…that’s exciting. You mentioned that you run this company with your husband. So which came first…the desire to want to work together so you created a company or the company began and the opportunity to work together came next?

Good question. You know what, my husband and I have always done stuff together. It’s not one or the other, we just desire to work together and if the next thing comes, then we work at it together. Our marriage is not based on 50/50, it’s based on 100/100…everybody gives 100% to this marriage, and that’s partly why we celebrated 30 years of marriage in 2019.

Congratulations again! Now, not many people get the chance to work with their spouse…what is the best part about it?

My husband and I, we are quite different and come from different backgrounds, but we each bring something great to the table that is unique to ourselves. We don’t overlap in our skills or talents or the gifting’s that we’ve been given by God. We just come together and we do what we need to do. Now, I’ve painted this rosy picture but there are moments where we have to come to the table and agree to disagree and work through issues, that is the reality of working with your spouse because you can’t just walk out the office door and see them tomorrow morning. We have to have good communication and sometimes it’s great and sometimes we have to work through things a little bit longer.

You can’t go home and vent to your significant other about your co-worker when they are your co-worker.

That’s why we have dogs and cats (laughs).

How do you make it work? Is it hard to separate the work life and personal life?

First and foremost, at the core of our marriage is our deep Christian faith. It’s what keeps us grounded personally and as a couple. In addition to that, both my husband and I have good work ethic, so we try to set aside time, right at dinner time specifically, where it’s a time we don’t talk about work; we don’t talk about what’s happening. There is that moment if we’ve been apart for the day and need to come together to dissect the day, or check in to see how everybody is doing. We try to do that outside of meal time so that we can just enjoy each other. It is also really important, it doesn’t matter where you are in your married life, you need to set apart date night…and you need to laugh; you need to be able to laugh at each other because life is hard most of the time, for most people. You have to learn to laugh and you need to just schedule stuff in, especially if you are entrepreneurs, that’s for sure.

September 18, 2018 · Capturing the moment while producing & filming NewLaw music video while keeping warm in my Hudson's Bay sweater! 📷: @kellgreiner TCF4 Productions

It’s a sad reality, but it is a reality, you do have to set time aside for yourselves. It’s a busy world. Now, is there anything you can share with us that you’re working on now?

Yes, we have a car show called Wheel Sharks and it’s doing really well on the digital platforms as well. Both our shows have been picked up on an independent digital platform in the States and doing well there too. We are also currently working on an animation project, it’s in development. It’s geared towards ages 8-11. It’s about two twins who travel the world with their uncle and get into situations that teens are curious about and get into. It’s all family friendly. It’s a mystery, detective type of series and our goal really is to hone in on that demographic of ages 8-11. There are lots of great shows leading up to that age, and then you get into that pre-teen/teen and there are good shows for them, but we really wanted to zero in on that age 8-11, and give them some good, family friendly conversation about the programing. These twins that are in the show, they are just great role models and we are excited to bring this show to life. It’s based off of a book series that we have the film, tv and animation rights to.

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We have our vision on where we want to take this beyond ages 8-11. We are very excited and just continue to look for funding and for people to get on board with us. All being well, within the next two years we’ll have something out there.

We also have started an initiative called Spark. We believe that we can’t change the world but we can spark a change in our corner of the world by helping 1 other person at a time. The Dog tags have Spark on one side and Help1other on the other side of the tag. The proceeds from the sale of these go to help street kids and program where victims of domestic violence can escape to a home for needed help and support.

I encourage people to check your website to follow the progress of that and everything else you have going on. Jacqueline, thank you so much for chatting with me, I appreciate the time.

July 2, 2018 · Interviewing on the Radio Show called Stories of Hope. Photo cred: Katelyn McGillivray & TCF4 Productions.

Thank you so much. I also should mention that I have a radio show that I co-host, it’s on AM700 The Lite and that airs Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm and Saturdays at 11:00 and 5:00. Thanks Blaine, I appreciate your time and thanks for having me.


Watch their shows on Amazon Prime: Japan, UK, USA and Opprime TV. We are anticipating adding Amazon Prime Canada to the list early 2020.

The Parker Twins Animation is gaining momentum with interest from two US production companies.


Another success story has been our new initiative called Spark ( where in simply buying one dog tag,  proceeds go to charity.  Each little bit adds up!  Our desire is to make a difference, not necessarily to change the world but to change our corner of the world. “

She’s made her own chocolate from cocoa beans, helped feed 2700 street kids for a Christmas meal and even held a huge tarantula spider!  It’s all part of the TV Travel host job and she loves it!  As Neil Schell, director, producer, actor and one of her acting coach states, “Jacqueline is a fun-loving, hard-working actress and TV host. She is adventurous, funny and willing to go places and do things she has never done before. Courageous indeed!”

On the set of "Off Screen" TV Series playing the role of 'LAUREN'

Producing a NEW LAW video.

Jacqueline just doesn’t confine her abilities to tv hosting, creating and producing; she can add acting to her list of accomplishments as well.

Her smile lights up the room as she enters and her laugh is infectious.  She has a way of drawing people in to make them feel valued. She is comfortable to do this in front of the camera as well as in front of the microphone. Carmen Barth, a publicist, exclaims that “Jacqueline is a very lively and engaging interview and will provide very useful information to your station listeners!”  This has been evidenced by the vivacious interviews given in past radio programs telling about the shows created by TCF4 Productions. 

The most consuming project right now is getting her animation series off the ground.  Jacqueline has recently acquired the film and TV rights for a tween (ages 8-11) detective book series.  It’s a family friendly mystery soon to be in production for animation. 

There are still a few details to be put in place yet, but Jacqueline is excited at all the possibilities. She wants to provide this particular age group a cleverly-written detective story that appeals to their sense of adventure and wonder. Adrian R’Mante from CGTV Los Angeles, (also known as Estaban from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody) has enthusiastically responded that Jacqueline is “an incredible woman with endless potential” and the film industry would most definitely agree.  At the core of who she is Jacqueline wants to inspire and she wants to do that through the unique projects that have been afforded to her. And we, as an audience, are excited to be part of her journey and having a front row seat to watch it all.

“Jacqueline Clements is a local Calgarian whose energy knows no borders. She and her husband Bill are co-founders/co-owners of  TCF4 Productions. As the name indicates, TCF4 Productions has produced two reality shows called Wheel Sharks and Bolivia: Treasures Within.  Although Jacqueline was one of the producers of Wheel Sharks, you get a better glimpse of her dynamic enthusiasm and spirit as she hosts the travel show Bolivia: Treasures Within.  Jacqueline’s boundless energy and charisma captivates you as you see unique places and people that are rarely showcased in regular media.  Jacqueline has a way of drawing the humorous and the poignant stories of people as she takes hold of new experiences with a spirit of adventure and wonder.  She is willing to jump in with both feet because, as she so delightfully exclaims, “That’s it, that’s all I got!” 

Along with her producing capabilities, she has many projects on the go, including acting in commercials, a principal acting role for a web series, the development of an animated detective series created expressly for kids ages 8 to 12 and contracts for brand influencing. 

A great BTS shot for new video coming out with Teena Sandhu 'Downloads From Heaven'

Underneath bundles of endless energy also lies a big heart.  Her company TCF4 Productions started Spark, a new initiative that she and her entrepreneurial husband are embarking on.  “We called it Spark because we believe one spark can make a difference.” Life is so much more than making money, or making a name for yourself; it is about making a difference. They created dog tags that have the Spark logo on one side and the phrase “help 1 other” on the opposite.  You can also see the design on their newly formed web page When buying a dog tag, proceeds from every sale (with more items for sale in the works) will go to charity.  Bill and Jacqueline believe in the little guy; they love small companies; heck, they are known to cheer for the underdog because, one word, or one deed can make all the difference in your corner of the world.   

Written by Heather Perry

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