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Director: Gael García Bernal Writer: Augusto Mendoza Cast: Benny Emmanuel, Gabriel Carbajal, Leidi Gutiérrez, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Dolores Heredia, Enoc Leaño

Cagalera and Moloteco are two teenagers from San Gregorio, Atlapulco who in a desperate effort, pursue to get away from the oppressed circumstances in which they live. When they hear about an opportunity to change over their lives, they push out into the criminal world of Mexico City to buy their freedom.

Premiere: Tuesday, September 10 at 9:15 p.m. Scotiabank Theatre, Cinema #1

Language: Spanish

Production companies: La Corriente del Golfo, Cinematografica Amaranto, Televisa, Pulse Films Cast: Benny Emmanuel, Gabriel Carbajal, Leidi Gutierrez, Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Dolores Heredia, Enoc Leano, Ricardo Abarca, Pedro Joaquin, Esmeralda Ortiz, Luis Enrique Basurto Director: Gael Garcia Bernal Screenwriter: Augusto Mendoza

Producers: Marta Nunez Puerto, Gael Garcia Bernal, Thomas Benski Director of photography: Juan Pablo Ramirez Production designer: Luisa Guala

Costume designer: Amanda Carcamo Music: Jacobo Lieberman, Leonardo Heiblum Editor: Sebastian Sepulveda Casting: Luis Rosales

Courtesy of Taro PR

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