Tyler Perry's Madea Family Funeral

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Tyler Perry kicked off what will be a very busy week with the glitzy Monday night premiere of his final Madea film, A Madea’s Family Funeral, in New York.

The eleventh film marks the last time the sharp-tongued Mabel “Madea” Simmons and her family take to the screen. It’s a bittersweet finale for fans and cast members alike who have, in many ways, grown up with Perry’s most popular franchise.

Patrice Lovely, who has played Hattie in many Madea films, told The Hollywood Reporter, “I just don’t want to believe it. It’s a sad day. I don’t want to get sensitive because I don’t want to mess up my makeup, but I love Madea.”

The press surrounding the premiere of the film comes smack in the middle of a coast-to-coast theater tour of Madea’s Farwell Play, which has seen a series of sold-out dates and record-breaking ticket sales. Earlier in February, over ten thousand ticket holders filled three shows on a Saturday at LA’s Dolby Theater, breaking the record for attendance in a single day.

A joyous family reunion becomes a hilarious nightmare as Madea and the crew travel to backwoods Georgia, where they find themselves unexpectedly planning a funeral that might unveil unsavory family secrets.

Tyler Perry Premieres His Final Madea Film in New York

New York Special Screening of Lionsgate and Tyler Perry Studios Present 'A Madea Family Funeral , Tyler Perry (Writer, Director, Star). Photos courtesy of Taro PR and Elevation Pictures

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Actors Courtney Burrell & Ciera Payton & Cassi Davis

Actresses Aeriel Miranda & Kelly Bensimon & KJ Smith

Actors Rome Flynn & Quin Walter

The best and most beloved movie characters who occupy large blocks of real estate in our collective pop-culture consciousness are often reflections of the best of us. That doesn’t mean that they are flawless or infallible, but it does mean they oftentimes have wisdom and power that we ourselves can struggle to find and, in fact, it is their flaws that make them a more believable hero. For over twenty years, Tyler Perry’s benevolent Mabel “Madea” Simmons has been an anti-hero for millions of fans who have laughed, cried, and learned alongside her through eleven films and numerous stage plays.

The idea that this mouthy lady is much more than the sum of her parts is certainly not lost on her creator. Perry wrote eloquently this week about where Madea came from, and how, although sad about this chapter closing, he has been honored to have been a part of something that has truly connected with audiences that needed her at the exact time she came along and is optimistic about the lessons she is leaving behind.

“I understood very early on that this mostly blue-collar African-American audience was feeling inspired. They were getting answers to a lot of what was going on in our community that no one was talking about. I was blown away that somehow this ridiculous-looking 6-foot-6 guy in a dress had found a way to do for this audience the same thing that I had done for my mother. I could lift them with humor and use that laughter as an anesthetic and talk about really deep, sensitive issues that were destroying so many of us — things like rape and molestation and the inability to forgive.”

Perry often reflects that when inhabiting Madea he is simply channeling the strong women he grew up with, none stronger than his mother, Maxine.

- New York Times/Perry's Website

After Party at The Bowery Hotel -Pictured KJ Smith, Derek Morgan, Ciera Payton, Courtney Burrell, Quin Walters, and Rome Flynn

After Party at The Bowery Hotel, Photo of Rome Flynn, Tyler Perry (Writer, Director, Star) and David Otunga

Photos courtesy of

Elevation Pictures

Taro PR

Tyler Perry's Instagram

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